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How Technology has improved Commerce

Business itself responds to human problems by offering solutions in exchange for value, mostly money. But although businesses solve problems, they are not spared by problems. What makes a business successful is its ability to solve human problems and as well solve the problems that arise within itself as it finds a solution to human challenges. In time past, due to scanty innovations and the non-existence of tech, many businesses didn’t have to think a lot to get the problem solved within themselves. Their lack of means meant they had to work with what they had without trying to innovate.

Technology changed that. Today, the world is moving at a swift pace, and businesses are all trying to catch up with it, therefore, facing the challenge of aligning their processes to be able to solve the problems they have set out to set. Today, businesses are faced with the challenge of using tech to solve customer problems and as well using tech to streamline internal operations to be able to keep up with customer demands without collapsing the system.

Today’s post shall explain how businesses can leverage tech to solve the problem of operations with specific emphasis on commerce.

Using Technology to Solve Commerce Problems

Never has there been a time when buying and selling needed tech than this. Not just starting an e-commerce platform, but also running the day to day activities of commerce businesses, tech is in high demand than ever. From sourcing for products, lead generation, marketing campaigns, finding the right market place to sell products, to building optimal sales funnels, commerce has a high need for tech.

Data Problem

Business owners used to have that book with documented customer details (much business still do). This was very inefficient. Many times, they had so many books containing customer details that it was difficult and sometimes impossible to get customer data.

Then came spreadsheets. The invention of Microsoft excel made it easier for data to be documented. Businesses no longer had to use books to record customer data. And as things improved, there was the invention of the sales automation system. They made it so much easier to document data and carry out campaigns seamlessly with the data that businesses have.

Marketing Problem

The internet changed the way businesses reached out to customers. Marketing was traditional and very inefficient in reaching out directly to the target market. You could not niche down traditional marketing. Your radio jingle, TV advert, and billboard had to speak to everyone. This was challenging for businesses.

But today, businesses can run ads on online platforms and even target this ad to their market. And it’s cheaper. Tech has solved the problem of reaching out to your target market. From SEO, Facebook ads, and email marketing, tech has made marketing easier and cheaper for businesses.

Payment Problems

During my last shopping, payment was made with my debit card. We have moved from an era of cash payments to an age where payments can be made through bank transfers. The issue of cashier accountability is gradually fading out for businesses. All they need to do is integrate seamless payment processes into their business and see every penny accounted for.

The beginning of seamless payment is just upon us. With time, payments will be more simplified more, giving both businesses and their customers better ways to make and receive payments.

Product Delivery

Customers now track their products. People purchase products continents away and can still keep track of those products until it gets to them. Trust has been built amongst customers because they track their wares and have it delivered to them.

This is one aspect of commerce that technology has been able to solve, giving businesses the leverage to build trust amongst clients, therefore having them do business beyond their national borders: increasing product reach and market share.

If traders can leverage tech in their sales process, there is a lot to gain. Ecommerce is not here to go but to stay. It will be in the best interest of traders to use tech in their sales and operation process to increase their reach and market share.

What are those aspects of commerce that tech can solve?

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