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How to Grow your Business Using Tech

In the last post, we saw how to scale your business. You can read that here.In today’s article, we will be discussing how to grow your business using tech. That is, how to bring in new customers and increase revenue in your business using tech

Scaling Small Businesses using Technology

A lot of small business owners are concerned with growth. All they want is an increased workload to show that they are working, increased revenue, and maybe a good LinkedIn recognition. In the quest to achieve the above, they end up burning energy and being

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How Technology has improved Commerce

Business itself responds to human problems by offering solutions in exchange for value, mostly money. But although businesses solve problems, they are not spared by problems. What makes a business successful is its ability to solve human problems and as well solve the problems that

How to increase productivity with Ezone

In light of the current pandemic and economic climate in the world, businesses are looking for ways to maximize growth, improve sales and stay competitive. Ezone Enterprise Resource Planning System is a tool for planning and managing all of the resources of your business.Ezone ERP

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